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Kayla Overmeyer

Kayla Overmeyer, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever thought that The Rock is “...just cute…” for no reason? Yeah, so has Kayla Overmeyer. Moving on to her senior year, Kayla, comes into newspaper with a year of experience. She joined newspaper last year because she loves taking pictures, and thought it would be something cool to be a part of.

When she’s not in school and has time to herself, she loves taking pictures, sleeping, running, and watching movies. Her favorite movie is Napoleon Dynamite because she thinks it’s super funny.

Her favorite food is anything beef; she absolutely loves steak. She says the weirdest food she’s ever eaten would have to be fried octopus.

Since she’s a senior this year, she’s got a lot of upcoming events. For one, she’s graduating soon. After high school, she plans on attending USU to study to become a nurse. Secondly, she has an even more adventurous event coming up: skydiving. She plans on joining her dad on this adventure, as he’s done something very similar before.

When asked where she wants to travel to, she said she would want to go to Europe. She thinks there’s just so many things to see, but she really wants to see major cities, like Paris.

Kayla is just someone that you would definitely want to be friends with. She’s just has an amazing, friendly attitude (just don’t send her streaks on Snapchat, she hates it).

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Kayla Overmeyer