BHS Annual Christmas Auction raises $3,000 over goal


Nephi Bigler (12) showing off a bike that was auctioned off.

Kayla Overmeyer , Co-Editor-in-Chief

 This year Student Council reached $3,000 above their goal in the annual Christmas auction. Their original goal was to reach $6,000, but at the end of the auction they had raised around $9,000.

 The Christmas auction is an annual fundraiser at Blackfoot High School to gather money for the Children’s Community Christmas. The community Christmas funds provide gifts for kids that are in need.

 “Once I saw how everything worked and how we were actually raising money for kids and not just for the school, I knew I wanted to be a part of it again. Most people don’t realize what kind of an impact the auction has. We use that money to buy toys for kids who aren’t getting a Christmas,” says Student council president Jaylee Moulton (12).

 Throughout the two weeks before the Christmas assembly took place the Student Council members brought cups for money donations and collected canned food as additional fundraisers. All the food that was collected is donated to the Crisis Center.

 The student council spent hours in preparation and collecting all of the Holiday fundraisers.

 All the items that were auctioned off during the 2018 Christmas assembly were Donations to the school.

 “We call businesses and ask for donations or money, mainly in Pocatello, Blackfoot, and Idaho. We wanted to cater to kids that wanna spend a lot or a little, so we vary the items,” Says Lauren Preece (12).

 This year a list of all the items being auctioned was shown to students in advance to get them prepared and excited for the event.

 If student council could change anything about the auction they would of liked the event to of been shorter.

“A lot of kids got bored, and was wanna keep them more engaged,” Says Preece (12).

 The Christmas auction is always successful and a great way for the school to give back to the community.

 “We’re working with the community to better our reputation and help those in need,” says Daegan Simpson (12).