The BroncWriter

The BroncWriter

2018-2019 Staff

Kayla Overmeyer


Have you ever thought that The Rock is “...just cute…” for no reason? Yeah, so has Kayla Overmeyer. Moving on to her senior year, Kayla, comes into newspaper with a year of experience. She joined newspaper last year because...

Kaitlyn Jensen


Kaitlyn Jensen is a senior, in her last year of newspaper for Blackfoot High school. Jensen has been in newspaper for four years. Living in Blackfoot, Idaho Kaitlyn has passions for what she wants to do with her future. One...

Geneieve Duarte

Features Editor

Geneieve Duarte is starting her junior year with one trimester of newspaper and two years at Blackfoot high school already under her belt. “I thought it was interesting that I got to know more things about the school,”...

Breanna Beck

News Editor

Breanna Beck is a senior entering her second year in newspaper. She joined because the editor and chief and her best friend Kaitlyn hyped it up for her. As well as her love of writing horoscopes. In her free time, she loves to play the pian...

Ahna Yancey

Sports Editor

Ahna Yancey, sports editor is not only in newspaper but has participated in other clubs such as cross country, softball, and band. Ahna has seven cats, two kittens, and a dog. Her favorite place to eat is Olive Garden. “...

Elvira Alcaraz

Staff Reporter

 From being a fashionista to pouring herself into school activities, Elvira Alcaraz has many passions that contribute to the quiet strength shown in her personality. In the last year, she joined Newspaper due to her love of be...

Ziraily Pelayo

Staff Reporter

 “Don’t tell me the sky's the limit because there are footprints on the moon.” Ziraily Pelayo lives by this quote everyday. She firmly believes that you can go anywhere you want in the world if you have the courage to try....

Bella Sanchez

Staff Reporter

Bella Sanchez is a rookie reporter with a bubbly personality and a go-getter attitude. She aspires to go to college at Westminster University in Salt lake City. Her favorite subjects are science and math. She wants to study fo...

Rose Evening

Staff Reporter

Rose Evening, currently a Junior at Blackfoot High school, is an excellent staff reporter at Blackfoot High newspaper club. She is also an amazing contributor to the Native American Club Evening is a proud owner of two dogs,...