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The BroncWriter

  • May 22Yearbooks will be passed out today during 3rd!

  • May 1Last day of school, May 31!

2018-2019 Staff

Kayla Overmeyer


Have you ever thought that The Rock is “...just cute…” for no reason? Yeah, so has Kayla Overmeyer. Moving on to her senior year, Kayla, comes into newspaper with a year of experience. She joined newspaper last year because...

Kaitlyn Jensen


Kaitlyn Jensen is a senior, in her last year of newspaper for Blackfoot High school. Jensen has been in newspaper for four years. Living in Blackfoot, Idaho Kaitlyn has passions for what she wants to do with her future. One...

Breanna Beck

Features Editor

Breanna Beck is a senior entering her second year in newspaper. She joined because the editor and chief and her best friend Kaitlyn hyped it up for her. As well as her love of writing horoscopes. In her free time, she loves to play the pian...

Shakayla Morgan

News Editor

The bubbly Shakayla Morgan enters her senior year as a staff reporter. She decided to join newspaper because all her friends were in it and it sounded fun. Participating in many things for our school, Shakayla is apart of the cross ...

Ziraily Pelayo

Online Editor

 “Don’t tell me the sky's the limit because there are footprints on the moon.” Ziraily Pelayo lives by this quote everyday. She firmly believes that you can go anywhere you want in the world if you have the courage to try....

Bella Sanchez

Staff Reporter

Bella Sanchez is a rookie reporter with a bubbly personality and a go-getter attitude. She aspires to go to college at Westminster University in Salt lake City. Her favorite subjects are science and math. She wants to study fo...

Jerica Satterthwaite

Staff Reporter

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday.” - Winnie The Pooh This is one of the many quotes Jerica Satterthwaite, a senior this year at Blackfoot High School loves. She wanted to join newspaper b...

Tyler VanOrden

Staff Reporter

“Believe. I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true.” (The Lego Movie) is a quote the Tyler VanOrden lives by. Tyler is a junior that is stoked to be a part of newspaper. This is his first year being a part of the ...

Isaac Beck

Staff Reporter

The very humble Isaac Beck is in his senior year. Isaac decided to join Newspaper for all of the friends he has in it. Newspaper is just another activity that he does with his siblings. His favorite subject in school is chemistry ...

Adriana Maldonado

Staff Reporter

In the life of Adriana Maldonado, the sixteen-year-old mostly experiences boredom and gloom throughout her school day. Some hobbies that don’t bring her boredom and gloom are reading and cooking (sometimes). Her favorite book ...

Natalee Beck

Staff Reporter

Natalee Beck is going places. With her future plans to be a journalist or news reporter, she is sure to make her mark. She is a freshmen here at Blackfoot and she loves learning all about history and government. In her free...

Mykah Plesner

Staff Reporter

Mykah Plesner is a sophomore here at Blackfoot High School. She’s working on going into her first year of the newspaper. “I really like to do graphing design on the computers, and also writing,” she says. Plesner thi...

Kailynn Miller

Staff Reporter

  Kailynn is an interesting name, with an exotic background. Miller says the name Kailynn came from the Okinawa Island in Japan when her father visited as a Marine and heard the name. Miller herself has never been to Japan, but wo...

Kelsey Griffin

Staff Reporter

Kelsey Griffin is a sophomore here at Blackfoot High. Her hobbies include reading books, playing the ukulele and playing volleyball. As quiet and calm as she is, she has 6 brothers! The best part about high school for her is t...

Erika Goodwin

Staff Reporter

Erika Goodwin, a senior here at Blackfoot High School, joined newspaper because she likes taking pictures. Erika's favorite things to do in her free time are to watch TV and to hang out with her friends. Her favorite television...