2017-2018 Staff

Zahnyvee George

Features Editor

With 2 years under her belt, Zahnyvee George (12) is entering newspaper this year as a seasoned veteran. "I'm the motivation of the group," George said, "because people don't want to be like me." George has travelled all over...

Jordyn Parsons

Staff Reporter

If you’re ever looking for someone to fix your cat Jordyn Parsons (10) is the girl for you. “I’ve operated on my cat Oliver. I also helped my dad neuter him,” Parsons said. This is Parsons’ first year on staff. She...

Kaitlyn Jensen

Online Editor

 Kaitlyn is a junior who has been in newspaper for three years and is currently the online editor.  Last year she attended a journalism convention at Columbia University which she paid for with her own money. Overall, she tho...

Ahna Yancey

Staff Reporter

Ahna Yancey is the girl you want as a friend. She is very smart, creative and very good at whatever she does. Ahna is a member of the cross country team for BHS and on a travel team for softball. “I want to get a scholarship...

Geneieve Duarte

Staff Writer

Geneieve Duarte is starting her junior year with one trimester of newspaper and two years at Blackfoot high school already under her belt. “I thought it was interesting that I got to know more things about the school,”...

Sabrina Satterthwaite