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2019-2020 Staff

Kelsey Griffin

Features Editor

“You don’t find the happy life, you make it.” by Thomas S. Manson. This is a quote that Kelsey Griffin lives by. Kelsey is a junior this year at Blackfoot High School and is super excited to be part of the newspaper sta...

Tyler VanOrden

News Editor

Tyler Burton VanOrden is an interesting person whose name used to be Amanda. This is due to the doctor misreading his first ultrasound. Tyler was born February 9, 2002 and is a senior this year. Tyler joined newspaper last yea...

Natalee Beck

Sports Editor

“I like my men how I like my tea. Hot and British,” stated Natalee Beck as she was describing her celebrity crush, Tom Holland, which, let’s be honest, isn’t a bad quote to live by.  The young, sophomore writer has been in news...

Bella Sanchez

Staff Reporter

         Aimme Isabella Sanchez, preferably called Bella, is in the graduating class of 2020 making her a senior. She is a bubbly, creative, outgoing, beautiful and overall an amazing human being. Some hobbies that she ha...

Angela Trejo

Staff Reporter

New to our school, freshman Angela Trejo started her high school career off with a bang. Joining FHLA, photography club, marching band, winter guard, and newspaper, Trejo has a busy schedule. Many people have complimented her st...

Zayra Muñoz

Staff Reporter

Clumsy, ambitious, and smart, Zayra Muñoz is protecting the Blackfoot High School’s Girls’ Varsity team by playing defense and right back while also juggling newspaper and yearbook during school. Outside of school, you’ll cat...

Kailynn Miller

Staff Reporter

Kailynn Miller is a sophomore coming into newspaper with one year of experience. She joined newspaper because she enjoys writing and her favorite part about it are the people. Something she has learned coming into high school...

Layla Buckskin

Staff Reporter

Entering her sophomore year, Layla Buckskin is as happy and easy going as someone can be. Buckskin says that she has always been a big fan of the paranormal. She is very interested in movies that fall under the horror genre. Th...

Mykah Plesner

Graphics Editor

Mykah Ashlyn is seventeen years young and attends Blackfoot High School as a junior. Her hobbies include drawing, painting, and writing. She has been in the Newspaper here at Blackfoot High for two years now and plays the role...

Vianca Godinez

Online Editor

 Vianca Godinez is a junior in her first year of newspaper at Blackfoot High School. She is the online news editor. She joined newspaper because she has nothing else to do besides academics.  Godinez is planning on attending college o...

Ziraily Pelayo


There are a couple things Ziraily Pelayo would want you to know before the details of her life are released to your knowledge. (1) How to pronounce her name: Zih-ray-lee Peh-lie-oh. (2) Her arms are open to those who come to h...

Adriana Maldonado

Staff reporter

Our very own energetic and ever so cheerful Adriana Maldonado enters her second year in newspaper, as she braves through her senior year. The top thing on her bucket list at this point is just to graduate high school, and as of...

Emily Overmeyer

Staff reporter

Emily Overmeyer is an ambitious junior in high school. She’s seventeen and loves to travel. One of her favorite parts of traveling is being able to drive. She has been to all kinds of crazy places. Overmeyer has traveled to 21 st...