Wood family light show brings Christmas joy to Blackfoot

Wood family light show brings Christmas joy to Blackfoot

Kayla Overmeyer, Co-Editor-in-Chief

If you’re looking for some Christmas spirit here in Blackfoot, you can find it at the Wood family light show.

 The Wood family light show spreads the joy throughout Blackfoot, during the Christmas season. The family originally began the light show for two years in Utah. After their time in Utah, they carried on the tradition to their new home in New York for another two years. The Wood family has been settled in Blackfoot for the past six years and have been running the light show ever since.

 “It’s made my family more involved in the community and gave us a way to give back to the community,” Jonathan Wood (11) said.

 The light show is ran by the Wood parents, Scott and Korina, and their five sons: Thomas, Jonathan, Joseph, Benjamin, and Michael. The family first spends their time on the Halloween show in October. After Halloween ends the family prepares for their well-known Christmas show.

 On average the family spends 315 hours from the time of Halloween to opening night, the day after Thanksgiving. The light show is composed of 150 Christmas themed elements. In all, the show contains about 60,000 individual lights.

 The family’s sole purpose is to put a smile on the community members faces. “We do it because it brings people smiles and makes people happy. It takes the bitter out of the cold and takes away the loneliness of winter,” Wood said.

 Cash tips are not accepted and the family measures their success by how many people visit the show that year.

 Woods favorite part of the show is, “That people take the time to come see it. The community counts on us to do it.”

 The Wood family light show is located at 2780 Teeples Drive. More information about the show can also be found on the family’s website, www.familylights.com.