Senior Powder Puff, Back to Back Champs


PUSHING THROUGH. Ashyln Smith(12) Runs through junior competitors.

Kayla Overmeyer, Co-Editor-and-Chief

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at the Blackfoot high school football field, senior girls took the powder puff win in a shutout, taking with them the title of back to back champs. The final score of the game was 22-0.

The seniors started off strong with a touchdown from Ahna Yancey (12) within the first six minutes of the game and a two point conversion.

“It’s fun to have people chant MVP at me and prove that small people can play big,” Yancey said.

The juniors fought back in the second quarter by strengthening their defense and were able to fight off the seniors and even play their first interception of the night.

“I personally thought it was fun! I think we should’ve had coaches that played the actual positions we learned, rather than just having coaches that played the same position,” said Nayeli Trejo (11).

In the third quarter the seniors blew away the game with an interception by Shakayla Morgan (12) that took the seniors to the 45 yard line. From there Grace Callister (12) carried the ball into the end zone to give the seniors their second touchdown of the night.

“It was actually really cool, because not a lot of quarterbacks really ever get a touchdown, so that made it even more fun.” said Callister.

The night ended in celebration for the seniors as they took their second powder puff win, setting them up as undefeated.