Escape Room Thriller lives up to the buzz

Escape Room Thriller lives up to the buzz

Kayla Overmeyer, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

 2019’s popular new movie, Escape Room, definitely lives up to it’s classified genres. The movie is a drama and mystery, but also a thriller.

 Throughout the entire movie you are on the edge of your seat trying to guess what the next plot twist will be. The movie is filled with multiple surprises that add drama and mystery to the scenes. The plot of the film is complex, yet easy to follow along with. There’s never a dull moment in the film.

 Six strangers decide to enter an escape room, because they want to win the cash prize of $10,000. The game begins as a calm, exciting experience, until it takes a turn for the worst. The game changes and the competitors realize that it is a game of life and death.

 Throughout the entire movie I felt entertained and could not keep my eyes off of the screen. At times I felt like it was too thrilling and I might have an anxiety attack or drop into a coma.

 I’m the type of person that sits in a movie and tries to guess the rest of the plot and what will happen next. During this movie I had no idea what would happen next, I didn’t even have a guess. This movie left me speechless with my jaw dropped to the ground.

 I wouldn’t recommend this to a family with young children, but I would definitely recommend it to teenagers and adults. It could also be a great date night movie, because I guarantee your date will cling to you or hold your hand. I would rate this movie four stars out of five.

 Grab a date and some popcorn, because once you see Escape Room, you won’t regret it.