Alcoholism in Teens


Kayla Overmeyer, Staff Reporter

 Underage drinking is responsible for more than 5,000 teen deaths a year. Alcoholism is very common among teens, but its impact often goes unnoticed. Underage use of alcohol is more harmful than most may realize. “Almost 80% of high school students have tried alcohol,” according to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

 According to Online Help Guide, “More than half of American youth ages 12 to 20 have tried alcohol.The average age an American girl has her first drink is 13; for a boy, its 11.”

 The use of alcohol at a young age can lead to many negative consequences. It can change behavior, lead to poor decision making, mental health issues, and problems in the future with alcohol.  

 According to the NCADD, “Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States: 17.6 million people, or one in every 12 adults, suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence. More than half of all adults have a family history of alcoholism or problem drinking, and more than 7 million children live in a household where at least one parent is dependent on or has abused alcohol.”

 Alcohol can negatively affect relationships with friends and family members. Because alcohol does not seem like it has multiple effects in the moment, the way it affects people often goes unnoticed. It’s all fun and games until you realize you are harming yourself mentally and physically. The effects of alcohol can be life changing.

  Teens drink for a variety of reasons: peer pressure, to reduce stress or anxiety,or  for a depressant. Alcohol is a short term solution to these issues. The negative effects that will come later are not worth this short term fix.