New Year’s Resolutions


Kayla Overmeyer, Staff Reporter

With every new year comes the annual tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Most people know what a New Year’s resolution is, but not many can say they’ve accomplished keeping one going for the entire year. There’s lots of tips and tricks you can do this year to make sure your New Year’s resolution lasts.


  1. Don’t aim outrageously high; keep it simple!

 A New Year’s resolution should be a simple, small thing you can do everyday to improve your life. Making a resolution a seemingly impossible goal can cause stress. This will help you lose motivation. If your goal is easy and simple to do, you’ll be able to keep control of your other everyday tasks and hold onto motivation to keep the resolution going.


  1.   Track the progress you’ve made.

 Everyone loves seeing their progress in a goal. Constantly reminding yourself of how far you’ve come will help to keep the resolution on track. Seeing a little progress helps give you the confidence boost you need to keep pushing through. This can also make you feel better about yourself and just give you an overall boost of happiness.


  1.    Plan it out by writing it down.

 When you plan something out you’ll be better prepared to finish it. Writing things down makes it easier for us to remember what needs to be done. When you have everything ready to go, there will be less obstacles to come and knock your goals out of place.


  1.     Be specific.

 Don’t let your goals get too broad. If a goal is to broad, there’s room to move around and change it. For example if I’m a runner and make a resolution to run everyday, I have the option of letting myself be inconsistent. I could run five miles one day and the next run one mile. If I’m more specific and say that I’ll run two miles everyday, then I know exactly what I have to do everyday. There’s no room to change up my goals.


  1.    Talk about it and get support.

 The more you talk about your resolutions, the more excited you will get. Talking about your resolutions will also get other people excited for you and they will be willing and ready to support. Goals are always easier when you have someone helping you remember them. The more people you tell, the more people you will have to worry about letting down and that will be motivation to keep you going.


  1.     Make it visible

 Constantly seeing reminders of your resolution will make it impossible to forget. By putting a visible reminder somewhere you will see it frequently, you will help yourself remember to always get the task done. Whether it be a note somewhere around your house or a reminder on your phone, making your resolutions visible to you will always help you remember.


  1.     Reward yourself.

 It’s no secret that everyone loves being rewarded. If you’ve been keeping up with your resolutions, reward yourself. This will help you want to continue on with your goals. Little rewards with help remind you of the ultimate reward you will get from continuing with your resolution.