Track brings home multiple state titles

Ahna Yancey, Staff Reporter

Many kids were heartbroken when Abby Hurst, a senior on the track team, became injured at districts. She was a favorite to win districts and state before she got hurt. Although Abby was not able to qualify for state, she was there to cheer on her teammates at state.   


The girl’s 4×4 relay team placed third at state with a time of 4:05.77 which broke the school record.  Emily Peterson (12), Kristin Thomas( 10), Brena Johnson (12), and Tenleigh Smith (9) were the members of the 4×4 and Brena raced for Abby. The team ran with their lucky purple baton which they wrote “for Abby” on. The girls ran hard while Abby cheered harder for them.


“I was super pumped and excited for our 4×4 team! I wished that I could have been there running with them but, they made me feel like a part of the team the whole time!.” Abby Hurst (12) said.


“It was hard to run without her. She was our leader.” Tenleigh Smith (9) said.  


Many teammates and even kids from other schools wore ribbons to show support for Abby.


“I felt so blessed and loved by my teammates. They are so kind and everyone was telling me they were running for me. They are my best friends.” Hurst (12) said.


Abby was able to go up to the podium with her teammates as they received their third place medals.   


The boy’s medley team placed first at state with a time of 3:34. Derek Thomas (12), Sean Clark (12), Brandon Brower (12), and Bracken Morse (11) were the members of the medley.   


Derek Thomas also won the 800 meters with a time of 1:58.29.  While he ran, Derek wore the jersey that his dad, our principal, wore in high school. This is the third year in a row that he has won state in the 800. Although he was excited to be a state champion he was happier that his medley team won.


“I was more excited when my medley team won, I ran over to my team and sean tackled me down.” Thomas said.  


Cade Ricks (12) won state in pole vaulting. He cleared the massive 14 feet to become state champion.