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  • November 2Good job at state XC! We're all proud!
  • October 28New hour lunch incentive starts Thursday!
  • September 24Congrats Senior powderpuff on the big dub!
Breanna Beck
Breanna Beck is a senior entering her second year in newspaper. She joined because the editor and chief and her best friend Kaitlyn hyped it up for her. As well as her love of writing horoscopes.

In her free time, she loves to play the piano, go to school football games, and hang out with family and friends. She has traveled to over 16 countries already, along with living in Germany for three years. She would love to explore more of Europe like England and Ireland.

When Breanna is done with high school, she wants to serve an LDS mission. After that, she wants to go into BYU Hawaii where she hopes it will help her in becoming an elementary school teacher, just like her parents.

Some of her favorite things are her plethora of pets: a German shepherd lab mix, two ball pythons, and five cows. She loves Tom Holland and John Krasinski. Her favorite food is coconut flavored ice cream.


Breanna Beck, Features Editor

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Breanna Beck