Summer flies by so prepare now


Breanna Beck, Staff Reporter

Before you know it, you’ll be back at school sitting in a desk in a stuffy classroom, surrounded by classmates you’ve known for years. So, in order to make the most of next school year, you have to start preparing now: even in the summer. Here are a few tips during the summer to get you ready for school time again (though it seems far away):


Read A LOT

 Reading keeps the brain alert. Over the summer, many students forget some of what they learned the previous school year. However, reading can help your brain retain information. It keeps thinking in the same way that it does at school, but this time, in a stress-free environment. Also, it can enhance reading and writing skills and give you a wider vocabulary. With these new intellectual boosts, you will be prepared when summer finally ends!



 Whether in groups or individually, go over the information you’ve learned and some of the topics you will learn. Being prepared for next year is vital especially when you’re in high school and you don’t have time to backtrack.As with reading, when you study over the summer, your mind will stay stimulated. One good method is to read over your old notes and school work. That way, you will remember what you learned and be ready to apply it in school again. Although studying over a school break may not sound too appealing, it will pay off in the long run.


Relax & Recharge

 Summer should largely be about relaxing and letting yourself loose. You need this time to take a break from loads of stress and mounds of busywork. Let your mind wander and just give yourself time to chill. Sway in a hammock under the blue sky or take a beautiful hike into nature to recharge. You’ll be more ready than you ever have before if you take the summer to relax and recharge!


Stay Organized

 Keep order in your life and your schoolwork. Being organized reduces stress and can ease you back into school when it returns. Go through your room and create an environment where you can relax. Organization can also give you an energy boost. When you have that extra energy, you can accomplish needed tasks and prepare yourself for when you have given tasks everyday at school. It would also be beneficial to organize your notes from the school year before. That way, if you need the notes again, you can find them with ease. Maintaining order in your life will overall lead to a happier and less stressful life.


Set Goals

 Motivation is key. In order to make the most of your summer, you need to have the desire to obtain a target. Setting goals is the pathway to success. You should set a handful of small specific goals that work together to make one big goal. If you have the want now to achieve certain objectives, then when you go back to school, it will be a piece of cake. Know what you want and make a plan to get there. Write your goals down and place them somewhere you can see them daily. When you do this, your summer will have meaning and you can ease back into school.