Golden Globes, ‘Oh’ what a surprise

Golden Globes, ‘Oh’ what a surprise

Breanna Beck, News Editor

Once again, the Golden Globes was a success, reigning in a number of Hollywood’s most talented stars. With 25 category awards (14 in film and 11 in television) given out to various stars, it’s no wonder that it was such a victory.

 This year, the event was hosted by Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg. Because of the mix of a live audience and an ‘electronic’ audience, it was a struggle to find the balance of jokes and seriousness that would apply to the people. They weren’t quite in the same league as past hosts like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, yet they added a spectacularly new excitement that delighted the crowd by the end.

 One of the awards given was for ‘Best Performance by and Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama.’ Nominees included Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Glenn Close, and Rosamund Pike. The overall winner ended up being Glenn Close from starring The Wife. Glenn Close, a seasoned actress, debuted in her first film The World According to Garp in 1982. From there, she has acted various roles like Cruella deVil in 101 Dalmations and a prisoner in World War II in Paradise Road.

 Moving onto the ‘Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama,’ nominees included Bradley Cooper, Rami Malek, Willem Dafoe, Lucas Hedges, and John David Washington. Rami Malek was chosen as the winner in this category. He acted in the Night at the Museum trilogy as an Egyptian ruler, and was most recently acting as Freddie Mercury of the Queen band in Bohemian Rhapsody(the movie that earned him the title).

 The most surprising award to be given out was the ‘Best Motion Picture-Drama.’ Most people anticipated A Star Is Born or Black Panther to receive the award. However, Bohemian Rhapsody got the win. From its unique basis on the song written by Queen as well as its excellent directing and execution, it’s no wonder that this movie won the award.

 There were many other awards given out on this special Sunday night with other winners including Olivia Colman, Christian Bale, Regina King, Mahershala Ali, Justin Hurwitz, and Alfonso Cuaron. The Golden Globes of 2019, though a little weird and unorganized at times, is now in history as a success.