Senior Night: softball earns top seat for districts

Breanna Beck, Features Editor

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  • SENIOR HIGHLIGHT. Grace Callister(12) celebrates her involvement in softball

  • SENIOR HIGHLIGHT. Josie Anderson(12) beams with happiness as she reflects on her time in softball

  • SENIOR HIGHLIGHT. Shakayla Morgan gratefully smiles as she is recognized for her hardwork

  • SENIOR HIGHLIGHT. Ahna Yancey(12) is recognized for her commitment in softball

  • SLASH. Josie Anderson(12) fake bunts and hits a ground ball

  • DIVE! Kyah Henderson(11) slides on the ground in an attempt to get the ball

  • GROUNDER. Shakayla Morgan(12) picks up a ball as it rolls to the outfield

  • CHANGE-UP. Kymber Wieland(10) pitches a tricky ball

  • HIGH INSIDE. Ahna Yancey(12) swings at a high ball and sends it sailing

  • SCREWBALL. Maggie Hepworth(11) causes the batter to strike out

  • SLAP. Shakayla Morgan(12) hits a ground ball past short stop

  • CATCH. Ahna Yancey(12) jumps up to catch a fast ball

  • SENIORS. Shakayla Morgan, Ahna Yancey, Josie Anderson, and Grace Callister

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