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Natalee Beck, Sports Editor

Natalee Faun Beck, born November 11, 2003. A true elite. Beck is the fourth oldest out of six kids with three brothers and two sisters. Beck's favorite elective is philosophy because she loves to have her view  challenged and her mind expanded. Likewise, her favorite subject is history, especially history about the Victorian Era. Beck participates in Track and Field as a thrower. She says that she got into it because her sister convinced her to join. Beck also says that her family always had to do one sport a year. Beck says that her favorite part about BHS would have to be the social environment. She says that she loves how “There are always new people to meet and get to know.” Beck also says that the students here are also accepting of new people. 

Beck has been in newspaper for five trimesters. She says that the reason she joined newspaper is because of her dream of being a journalist and photographer. Her older siblings were also part of the newspaper and her mom was the editor of her high school newspaper. Beck's favorite part about newspaper is that she gets to take pictures of sports because she can, “Capture an amazing moment in one picture”.

After high school Beck plans to take a nine month break from the world and travel. This corresponds with her dream job of being a National Geographic Photographer. Beck loves being able to travel, “I could go anywhere and everywhere and take pictures as my job” she says.Three of Beck's life goals are 1. To own a “big fluffy dog”, 2. Own a stingray, and 3. Visit every continent. Beck has already started on her second goal and has been to three continents and fifteen countries. 

Now for a more personal side of Natalee Beck. Beck's favorite book is In The Company of Heroes, written by Michael J. Durant. Her favorite movie is Now you see me 2, Beck says that she likes this movie because of the realistic magic aspect. Whereas, Beck's favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls because she can easily relate her life with her family to that of the main characters. Beck has two ball pythons -which is a kind of snake- and she also has a yellow lab. Beck's favorite thing to do outside of school is to hang out with her friends as well as her boyfriend. She loves to take trips, especially if they are outdoors. As such, Beck's favorite thing to do is go to places with water such as the beach, a pool, or a lake. Beck also enjoys playing volleyball and experimenting with new recipes in the summer. Beck says that her proudest moment as an individual was when she was able to “Make it through two trimesters at Snake River [High School] without dying”

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