Shades of Buble


Natalee Beck, Sports editor

   The concert Thursday night January 13, 2020 at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center was a complete success. Citizens from around Idaho filled the auditorium with people of all ages, from high school students to grandparents, as they came together to sing, dance, and enjoy the music provided by the three man show, Shades of Buble.


   Shades of Buble is a three-man tribute to Michael Buble. Michael Buble is a Canadian-Italian singer who has done many modern covers of songs by various older twentieth century artists including Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and even Elvis Presley. In the Shades of Buble show these men did not try to imitate Buble, but rather add three part harmonies to his songs to celebrate him. They did covers of many songs Michael Buble did such as “Feeling Good”, “My Way”, “Come Fly With Me”, “Everything”, “Home”, and many many more.

   Shades of Buble also met with the high school students involved in the music programs to talk to them about their profession in the music industry. Michael Valentine, Danny Drewes, and Drew Pournelle are currently living in New York City, New York, but they come from various backgrounds. They gave the kids a sneak peak of some of the songs they would be performing that night. They also favored the kids with a question and answer session. The students asked questions ranging from how to stand out in auditions in NYC, how to take care of their voice, and how to prepare to follow their ambitions in the music industry.


   Getting the audience involved in singing, dancing, and having a couple of brave volunteers to help with the show, helped Shades of Buble be a unique and very entertaining show. Being on the stage in a small Idaho town did not take away from the energy and enthusiasm that these kids have. They kept the show light and upbeat and constantly encouraged the audience participation, which helped keep them involved in the show.


   For anybody who loves Michael Buble and any older artists from the twentieth century as much as I do, I highly recommend that you attend one of Shades of Buble’s concerts. They keep the audience enticed with their prodigious performance and ability to sing like nothing you’ve ever heard before. So get ready to bust out those moves, dance along, and have your mind blown by Shades of Buble.