Spider-Man back in the MCU


Natalee Beck, Sports editor

When Thanos blipped half the population out of existence in Avengers:Infinity War saying he was inevitable, he was dead wrong and Spider-Man returns to the MCU just like he did in the new Avengers movie. When the news of Spider-Man leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe first came out, Marvel superhero fans around the globe were in chaos.

When Marvel fans around the globe went into a fit about losing this hero, Disney and Marvel Studios couldn’t just let Sony take away their web slinger. With having recently released a new movie with this Avenger, Marvel producers especially were frantic about losing Spider-Man and they were determined to come up with a compromise with Sony Pictures.

Once Sony, the owners of Spider-Man, realized how successful the new hit movie Spider-Man:Far From Home was, they weren’t happy having to share the profits with Disney and Marvel Studios. Sony decided it would be better for them if they got this superhero all to themselves. Even though Disney seems to own most movie producing companies, they did not like the idea of losing one of the new Avengers.

The feud between Sony and Disney was of course about money, and Sony didn’t like sharing the money from the Spider-Man movies and merchandise with Disney and Marvel Studios. After days of debating what to do about this dilemma, these major companies came to an agreement. The details about this new deal are undisclosed to the public for the time being, but they did mention that Marvel producer Kevin Feige will be one of the main producers in the 2021 Spider-Man movie.

Even though Sony is letting Spider-Man stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they hint that a spin off Spider-Man might be introduced in the future.There are many new theories about this new deal between Sony and Disney and people are excited and anxious about what the future will hold for the wall crawler. Spidey might be secure now, but his destiny is undecided.