Is it really romantic?


Natalee Beck, Staff Reporter

Falling in love is not an easy task, but when it’s the only way you can go home, you look for it wherever you can find it. I love rom-coms so when I heard about this romantic comedy making fun of romantic comedies, I knew I absolutely had to see Isn’t It Romantic. I was super excited for this movie, and I was not disappointed.

Before I saw this movie, the only opinions I heard came from guys, and they didn’t really like it. But let’s be honest here, do guys really know what a good romantic comedy is? In my opinion, they definitely do not.

In most rom-coms, the main girl falls for and obsesses over an extremely, unrealistically attractive young man, like Liam Hemsworth, and dream about being swept off her feet by him. However, for New York architect Natalie, this could not be more wrong. As an adult, Natalie completely despises everything about rom-coms so what could be worse than being stuck in one?

The synopsis is, on her way home from work, Natalie gets mugged in a subway and then hits a pole so hard that when she finally comes to, she is in her own romantic comedy. For someone who hates rom-coms, she sure plays the role of the main character well.

As she tries to go throughout her daily routine, it finally clicks that things are definitely different. Natalie has nicer clothes, a nicer apartment, and an all around better life. Guys look at her like she’s the prettiest girl they’ve seen and she isn’t quite sure how to react to that. When she realizes what has happened, Natalie is not super thrilled about this change in her life. The only way that she can get out of this “horror” is to fall in love.

Filled to the brim with comedy and of course, romance, Isn’t It Romantic is a cute show and you fall in love with all the characters immediately. Regardless if you fall for their personality or their looks. If you love these types of movies as much as I do, you won’t regret watching this.