Secret Santa visits Blackfoot High School

Breanna Beck, News Editor

“It’s a week from Christmas, and all through the school,

Kindness has spread, and it has been way cool.

Santa’s worked hard to make your life better,

And sadly for me, this is the very last letter.

Now it’s your job to pass it along,

As the Secret Santa says so long.

It doesn’t need to be complex or hard.

It can be as simple as sending a card.

Reach out to someone alone, sad, or shy,

Because we as Broncos are unified!”

-Secret Santa


 For the last week, a handful of students have been receiving mysterious gifts from Secret Santa. From cute notes to small knick knacks, the Santas have thoughtfully put together a smorgasbord of everyday surprises to make the day a little brighter.

 Though there are many Secret Santa’s that work together to accomplish the goal of happiness, they prefer to keep their identity private.

 “We never wanted people to find out it was us. We want them to appreciate it,” said one of the Santas.

 Even though it took some effort and care, the Santa’s were up for the challenge of handpicking specific little tokens of kindness to directly and indirectly let everybody know that there is always somebody caring about you. “Even through hard times, people still care,” said Santa one

 Corben Fowler(12), a Secret Santa gift receiver, commented, “I don’t focus on the gift but what the person is doing. They are really nice.”  

 That thoughtful, thankful response is exactly the kind of reaction that the Santas hoped to get: gratitude and the realization that ‘you are loved.’

 Collin Marlowe (12) said he would like to personally thank those Secret Santa’s that brought him the gifts because he really appreciated the thought behind them.

 Each gift had a message that was meant to inspire and uplift. “You’re a great person!” “You’re beautiful!”

 The ending note (as shown above) challenges each individual to rise up and continue the legacy of the Secret Santa. They want others to feel the same satisfaction and joy as they do when they see a peer’s face light up from an unsuspected act of kindness. They want to keep the momentum of their friendliness moving forward so it can reach the hearts of everybody, especially teenagers.

 “In high school, kids feel like they don’t have friends. Now they know for sure someone cares,” said Santa two.