Travis Scott’s Astroworld

Angela Trejo, Staff Reporter

Astroworld Festival was held on November 5th-6th 2021, at Houston, Texas, but was cancelled because of the horror that occurred on the first day it was held.  Over 50,ooo people attended November fifths concert at NRG Park and eight deaths have been reported, the youngest being fourteen years old. So how did the horror of Astroworld start? And could it have been stopped?

Different footages show one of the main causes of injuries, crowd surging. Which is when a large group of people continuously move forward, leading to little or no escape for anyone caught in this. Madeline Eskins, an attendee, described this event as “drowning in a pool filled of just people.”  This pool of people lead to the eight deaths and hundreds of injuries, many are in the hospital and are still being treated, a 22 year old women has been treated and has been diagnosed brain dead. Not only were the concert goers affected by crowd surging but could also have been affected with the injection of drugs. A security officer at the event was pricked with something when attempting to restrain a fan; He continued to go in and out of consciousness and was later treated with Narcan, a drug usually used to bring people back from an overdose. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner states, “He was revived and the medical staff did notice a prick similar to what you would get if somebody was trying to inject…” Police are looking into injection of drugs and also the safety of the concert.

Travis Scott states, “My fans really mean the world to me,” he said. “Any time I could make out anything that’s going on, I just stopped the show and helped them get the help they need… I could just never imagine the severity of the situation.” though he only stopped the show once when he noticed the casualties beginning. Many still question what happened the day of the concert and if anything could have been done to stop the horrors that will continue to affect the families involved.