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Bella Sanchez, Staff Reporter

         Aimme Isabella Sanchez, preferably called Bella, is in the graduating class of 2020 making her a senior. She is a bubbly, creative, outgoing, beautiful and overall an amazing human being. Some hobbies that she has is reading, she especially likes sci-fi and horror but loathes romance. "I don't know why… something about it. I can't watch it and I can't read it." She also enjoys watching Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson on YouTube, besides these creator's she likes watching educational videos, one creator she likes is Sam O'Nella Academy "I like science, so I learn about science a lot." One thing that not many people know about Bella is that she would like to pursue a career in forensic science. She also personally believes that high school has not prepared her for what college has in store. The reason why she thinks this is because “The classes are really easy, kinda sleep through them.” Even with this she said that her four years were successful; she was able to get good grades, join different activities during her junior year and be on the BHS Newspaper staff!

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Bella Sanchez