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Ziraily Pelayo

Ziraily Pelayo, Editor-In-Chief

Ziraily Pelayo, more commonly known as Z, is starting her final year at Blackfoot High School. Although Z was born in Blackfoot, she loves to travel to Mexico and visit her Mexican family once a year. After one of her visits to Mexico a couple years ago, she realized that she wanted to start earning money and remembered Blackfoot’s own Movie Mill was about to open, and has been working there since. She loves her work and all types of fruit, especially honeydew; but dislikes mushrooms. She has two other sisters with names that all start with Z. When she graduates, she would like to go to ISU and get a degree in nursing to be able to work with infants. She would want to live in Washington because of the beaches and the beautiful weather. If she could create a national holiday, it would be Stay at Home day so she could sleep in. Three words she would use to describe herself would be caring, passionate, and honest, though she believes her spirit animal would be a monkey who is loud and all over.

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