Russ’s latest album release


Ziraily Pelayo, Staff Reporter

Russell Vitale, better known as Russ, just released his newest album, ZOO, on September 7, 2018. With 14 songs on this album, The Flute Song, Missin You Crazy, and Serious are his top 3 songs.
This album had songs that were different from what he’s put out before. There’s a variety-from slower songs, to upbeat faster music, which I absolutely loved! He also has two collaborated songs, Last Forever featuring Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg, and Keep It Pushin featuring Mahalia.
Personally, I was super excited when I found out he was dropping a new album, especially since the release date was set on my birthday. My top three favorites are, Beggin You, Missin You Crazy, and Parkstone Drive. These were also songs that I felt were different from what he’s released before, they had beats that he’s stayed away from in other albums or singles, so I was a little more intrigued to these ones.
Although I loved the album there were a two songs that I wasn’t a huge fan of, F**k That and Keep My Wits. I wasn’t a huge fan of the vibe set to Keep My Wits, it just wasn’t a beat that I want to rock out to in my car. As for F**k That, I feel like it sounds like other songs he’s released in the past. It feels overdone.
Throughout this album, if you listen to the lyrics carefully, you can hear the theme to most of the songs is either a past relationship, his family, the path to his fame, and how he lives now due to his fame. These seem to be a repetitive theme throughout the whole album, but none of the songs sound similar to each other. They all have a different style of beat to them.
Overall, I really really like this album, it just has a large variety of songs. Now, do I suggest you get this album? Yes, if you’re in to rap. But, before buying, I suggest listening to the songs, because there are some songs that could be a hit or miss depending on what you’re into. Just keep in mind, this is an explicit album and does curse quite a bit.