Blackfoot fights against Idaho Falls

Ziraily Pelayo, Staff Reporter

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  • CHEEK TO CHEEK. Dexter Hale (12) pushes by a defender

  • YOU THOUGHT. Reece Robinson (11) trips up a defender

  • OUT OF MY WAY. Jet Shelley going around defender to score

  • SEARCHING. Jet Shelley (11) looking for a teammate to pass the ball to

  • JUMP BALL. Jayden Wistisen (12) wins the jump ball

  • POST UP. Jayden Wistisen (12) spins around defenders to score

  • SHARP SHOOTER. Dexter Hale (12) hits a another three right in defenders face

  • CLOSE QUARTERS. Dexter Hale (12) pushing passed defender

  • FREE THROW. Jayden Wistisen goes for the point

  • 3 on 1. Jet Shelley (11) gets around three defenders

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