The Grinch: 2018 movie review


Bella Sanchez, Staff reporter

Having to deal with the who’s celebrating Christmas for over 53 years is exhausting. With the new movie that came out, we can experience with the grinch his hatred for perfectly wrapped gifts.

I love that this movie embodies the image of what Dr. Seuss thought of. It’s more wacky and bright then the other live action movie. Not bashing on my times, but the graphics are better too. Watching the movie I got mesmerized by how much detail went into even the little things, like individual strokes of Cindy Lou Who’s hair.

The plot of the movie isn’t too different from what it originally was. This movie isn’t so focused on the relationship of the grinch and Cindy Lou, with both only interacting a few times with most being at the end. The new plot gives this movie a bit of a makeover, allowing it to be more relatable to all generations.

This film also sends a better message to kids then previous grinch movies, mainly because of the grinch’s different past. The later ones tell kids the grinch hates Christmas because he hates people, but in this new one he doesn’t like being alone because of his memories of being an orphan. The grinch as well is softer than in the others, especially to his dog, Max.

The comedy is jam packed in this movie. My favorite being when the grinch has to go into town to get food because of all his emotional eating. That part hits home with me and resembles how most of us spend the holidays. Other memorable moments are when the grinch is doing squats in his tight workout clothes, and when Groopert ends up naked while trying to eat the Christmas cookie.

With the grinch being a classic story, it allows people of all ages to go and enjoy the new remake. Being in the theatre all three times I’ve seen the show, families came with their children, teens came with their friends, and old people went on dates to see this movie. This is something everyone can enjoy, and learn about the true meaning of Christmas.