Coach Smith nominated as Coach of the Year


Bella Sanchez, Staff reporter

This year’s girls’ basketball varsity team has had many successes. With winning a total of 16-20 games this season, they went to the 4A state tournament and brought back a trophy 23-5 overall.

The girl’s team hasn’t gone to 4A since 2005, where they finished the season off with second place. It’s all thanks to our very own Coach Smith for taking us to victory. She has been named the High Country Conference Coach of the Year.

 Courtnie Smith has been a coach for over 22 years and four of them have been here. It was one of her main goals coming here to Blackfoot, along with becoming a counselor. Being able to get this team to state means a lot to her.

“You tell the kids they’re working hard, but getting to state actually proves that all their hard work is worth it,” said Smith.

 Players Allie Cannon and Olivia Arave were nominated to High Country Conference First Team, while Tenleigh Smith was named Conference Honorable Mention Team. Coaches from the district are the ones who nominate students from other schools.

As well as being an honorable mention, Tenleigh Smith is Coach Smith’s daughter, this creates a more loving dynamic between the team. “It’s rewarding, I get to share one of the coolest sports with my daughter,” said Smith, “But you always get that ‘you’re playing favorites’. Both Tenleigh and I don’t let it affect us, it makes us better at the sport.”

Having been here for four years, it makes the Seniors’ departure more sentimental. Their first years together were difficult, the program was not doing well, and they only won a few games. But they stuck with it and were able to gain leadership through their experience.

Now the program is doing much better, with the school funding enough for the team, in addition, the team does their own fundraisers. Just before spring break they held a youth basketball tournament and were able to raise $6,800. That money is used for entering tournaments and banquets.