Secret Santa for Eastern Idaho


Bella Sanchez, Staff reporter

For the fifth year in a row, the eastern Idaho area is hosting a Secret Santa! A local rich man living here has asked news outlets to help him find people in need to spend his thousands on.

He goes by the name of Secret Santa, because he wants to stay anonymous. He’s hoping to get nominations for schools, community, medical and religious leaders along with employers, neighbors and friends.

The only thing about the nomination is you can’t nominate yourself! It has to be someone nominating you, or you nominating someone else.

Through the help of, this mysterious man has been able to help many different people going through hardships. One of these examples is an elderly cook, Cameron Horthwith, who walks one mile to work earned $500,000 to help him buy a new car.

Another story is about a paraplegic man, Dale Gneiting, who broke his back in a work related accident who has trouble giving his hyper dog, Buddy, the freedom he needs. Gneiting was also gifted $500,000 to help him out during the holidays.

Even though this anonymous, rich man was gracious enough to give away his money, you don’t need money to be a generous person. Just being a helpful hand and a loving person can help anybody in times of need.