Craig Young Signing


Craig Young before signing onto University of Montana Western

Kailynn Miller, Staff Reporter

Wednesday, January 29, Craig Young signed a letter of intent for the University of Montana Western (UMW) for a football scholarship. Craig Young had quite the turnout at his signing; his football teammates and others from the school all came to support him. 

Craig Young says that he is excited for signing onto UMW and their “great school and football program”. Young says that he did think he’d get a football scholarship and is glad that UMW took a chance on him.Young says that in playing for Blackfoot High School (BHS) he unknowingly prepared himself for his scholarship, since he prepared to help the team here the best he could. Young says that he is proud of himself, though he also says “I know I can still achieve a lot more”.

Young says that being at UMW is going to be very different from life here at BHS because over at UMW he’ll be more of a football player than a student, which is the opposite from here where you’re more of a student than an athlete.