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Stephanie Talbot


After a three-year absence, Mrs. Talbot is back at Blackfoot High School as the resident art instructor. She opted to work here because she adores the faculty, administration, and students, and she said of her return that “it’s like coming back home”. The fact that Mrs. Talbot’s children attend and will attend Blackfoot High School was another factor in her decision to work here. She chose to teach art because she is an artist herself and wanted to share that love with her pupils at this school. Her coworkers, whom she referred to as family, are her favorite aspect of working at Blackfoot; “If I ever need anything, I know that they’ll have my back and help me out”.
She is married and has four children, Mitch, Morgan, Kole and Logan. Mrs. Talbot’s preferred method of art is acrylic painting because the paint dries quickly and “the paint is a little more forgiving when you have children running around the house”. Her favorite color is red because of the symbolism behind it and the fact that it’s the first color the eye notices. Outside of school, Mrs. Talbot is one of the Fine Arts Superintendents at the East Idaho State Fair, and she is often helping with art shows and contests to help promote the arts in our community. Her hobbies consist of anything outdoors, but her absolute favorites are camping and horseback riding. Her favorite music to listen to is movie soundtracks, and if she had to choose one as her favorite she would choose the Pacific Rim soundtrack because it gets her pumped.
Mrs. Talbot chose to have the Flash’s super power because she could go super fast and get way more done in a day. If she could change just one thing about this world she would alter people’s understanding and perception of one another, because if we had more understanding we would be more compassionate towards others, their lives, and their circumstances. A quote that inspires her is the Man in the Arena, which is a quote about how it may be easy to judge others, but it takes real courage to stand up and be the person in the arena, facing the challenges head-on. If she could meet any one person dead or alive, she would meet Christ because she wants to know all she can about him.

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