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Holly Porter

Holly Porter, a junior at Blackfoot High School, has joined our newspaper crew! She’s a bright, bubbly, individual, with a big heart for sports and other activities inside and outside of our school. The sixteen-year-old has had a passion for dancing since last year and decided to give it a go by trying out for the Blackfoot Cheer Team. With previous gymnastics practice, why not try out? She has since enjoyed her experience getting to work as a team with her friends and teammates, learning new dances, coming up with new cheers, and getting to perform for our school’s entertainment!

Porter is a very interesting person, but there’s a lot about her that not many people know about. For example; Holly loves glitter. Much like how one person likes to collect coins or shoes, Holly’s collection is dedicated to shiny, sparkly glitter. Her explanation; “I like the way it looks, but I can’t use it because it wouldn’t be pretty anymore, so it just turned into a collection.”

On a different note, our Junior also really likes cracking jokes and having a lighthearted time with the people around her. Her motto for life is “actions speak louder than words”, and so she has made sure to be as genuine as possible when talking with people. When asked, ‘What is something you despise?’ Holly had a hard time coming up with an answer, before answering “Celery. For sure. It’s the texture!” It is hard to not like someone who doesn’t have a mean bone in her body! When Holly is frustrated though, she’s found that going for walks is what helps calm her down. It gives her time to see and find the good in her days, rather than hyper-fixating on the negative. By doing this, any bad day can become a little bit better, and she can try to get over what might have made it such a bad day.

Some of Porter’s favorite, albeit, random things are babies’ breath flowers, the colors yellow and blue, ice cream, and history classes! Math, to her, is absolutely not a fun class, and so that subject takes first place for her least favorite class. She also hates arugula, a type of lettuce for those who don’t know, mostly because the taste is bitter and it takes away from a good salad.

To end things on a good note, Holly has big dreams for her future. The young lady aspires to travel the world when she is older, and potentially go on a mission for her church. She specifically wants to see the different countries in Europe. As far as that goes, the future is unclear and an open road for Holly Porter, and she’s ready to pave the way for herself!

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River Denny
River Denny, Staff Reporter
River Denny is a senior at Blackfoot High School who is excited to start the newspaper class. She has taken the newspaper class before and has rejoined it to meet new people and learn more about the foreign exchange students. With the experience of the past year of newspapers, she is easily able to take charge, help and inform the newcomers entering the newspaper class. For her final year of high school, she plans on making it to state for the golf team. She would also like to make it to varsity for the tennis team as well. Some of River’s favorite sports are skiing, tennis and golf, possibly because she likes the outdoors. She loves going on hikes and taking pictures of the vast landscapes. If she could, she would like to make a living off of being a tourist for hiking trails. She either plans on doing those tours after high school or going on a business exchange year after college. She either wants to go to University of Utah or University of Idaho for college. She would go to the U of U because it's not far from blackfoot. On the other hand, she has a lot of scholarships at U of I. River’s favorite teachers at Blackfoot high school are Bynum, Benson, Arave, and Pettinger because of their lovable personalities and how well they teach. However, one of River’s favorite subjects in school is newspaper. She hopes and thinks that her friends would describe her as smart and fun to be around. With the hopes of graduating this year, she wants to increase her talents and enjoy her hobbies and skills.

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