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Drum Majoring: Leading the Rhythm to Success

Alexa Dougal conducting the Star Spangled Banner during Senior Night

Being a drum major is one of the main leadership roles within a marching band. It is all about leading a good example, setting the tempo and inspiring other musicians. One of the key responsibilities of a drum major is to conduct the band. That entails guiding the players through the show making sure they stay on time and that everything flows smoothly together. Conducting helps the band stay in sync and enhances the performance.

Being a drum major is more than just conducting the band. It’s also being a role model for the rest of the group. As head drum major of the Blackfoot High School Marching Band I have to lead by example, demonstrate discipline, and be dedicated to the band. This means I have to inspire others on and off the field even if I am not feeling particularly inspiring. If I don’t have a good attitude, then that can rub off on other members of the band and cause issues.

Another important aspect of being a drum major is communication. I have to communicate important feedback and instructions between the members of the band and the directors. In addition to conducting and communication, I am responsible for starting rehearsals and making sure performances go smoothly. Many people think being a drum major is easy but I have to handle many logistical challenges that come with having to lead the band.

The most rewarding part of being a drum major is having the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes from being successful and winning awards. It makes me proud knowing that I had a part in helping lead the band to victory because I know my hard work has paid off.

So, if you have a passion for music, a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to lead, maybe being a drum major is the right choice for you. It’s a role that allows you to make a lasting impact on fellow musicians and you get to experience unforgettable memories.

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About the Contributor
Alexa Dougal
Alexa Dougal, Staff Reporter
Alexa Dougal, a senior photographer, joined newspaper because she loves writing and taking pictures. She’s extremely dedicated, a hard worker, and loves her family. She has 5 siblings, one of them being her twin brother, Quinn, and she looks up a lot to her mother. She enjoys sleeping, playing instruments, gaming, and absolutely LOVES reading (her favorite book series is the divergent series) She also enjoys watching movies based on books and trying to spot the differences between the books and movies. She played clarinet back in the 6th grade, got more into percussion in high school, but more recently got back into clarinet. One thing she likes to do is go to the mall and try out new prom dresses, for the literal reason that she just wants to try out new things being the free spirit she is. As you would expect it to be since she loves to read her favorite school subject is English, specifically with Dietz. She likes to be challenged to think and taught to think in different ways. Most people would say about her that’s she a bit shy, however her close friends would say she’s absolutely crazy and talkative. Alexa is also the drum major in Blackfoot’s marching band, which means she has the big responsibility of keeping the rest of band in charge and on correct timing. It takes up a lot of her week, having at least 3 days of practice a week not including games and competitions. She hopes the first competition will go well for Blackfoot.

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