An interview with Wyatt Astle, your valedictorian

This interview was conducted via poem per our valedictorian’s request.


Now That It’s Almost Over

By Jerica Satterthwaite


As you move on from high school, take time to remember

All the classes and clubs of which you were a member:

Of the classes you took, which was hardest to you,

And how with an A did you ever pull through?

Were there teachers inspiring who always you’ll miss?

Or memories from sports of sweet winner’s bliss?

For those just beginning as you now move on,

What advice would you give on hitting school strong?


When you head off to college, to where will you go?

Will you stray far abroad, leave sweet home Idaho?

Will you study in science, engineering, or math

Or let literature, technology, and art be your path?

When your wallet is drained by classes vampiric,

What dear scholarships given shall act as its cleric?

And when college you pass—oh, what joy, what elation!—

Do you know where you’ll turn to find your vocation?

A Brief Answer to a Query

By Wyatt Astle

To act is something

For which I engaged

Hi-Y, NHS, and BPA

Not only to mention

An attempt at CNA

Tackling and grappling

I wrestled and ran

On football fields,

Wrestling mats,

And all types of land

To start to think

About all the thinking

I have done

It is difficult to note

But there was only a bit fun

Gardner’s and Gallego’s English

Were alright

Though the essays did

Put up a considerable fight

Beck’s Algebra and Trig

Were fine things to do

Though my answers

Were not always true

Sports were good

If you feel so inclined

I would probably say

I did fine

To those about to begin

On their journey here

With likeminded kin:

Have a good time

And have memories crystal clear

With the fall to beckon,

I will be over there

In Moscow, in state

And the looks be fair

For course loads to carry

I undertake the endeavor

Of studying comp. sci. and math

Potentially until it’s over


To payments be made

Most if not all

Be of the institution

And that’s really all

That has come of fruition

To state an answer

To your last question

I’m not quite sure

But I’ll certainly

Look into a person’s

Internet privacy concern