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One Thousand Tickets

Rose Evening, Staff Reporter

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Blackfoot High school principal Roger Thomas has set a goal for the school to sell one thousand tickets before Friday. Mr. Thomas promised that if we can sell at least one thousand tickets before Friday we are given an hour lunch.

Students that are participating in clubs or sports are supposed to sell tickets for the Tadd Jenkins car. The tickets are sold for ten dollars each and can be sold to anyone who are interested. Nearly every student in the school wants a hour lunch including teachers.

Now knowing that we didn’t sell enough tickets for the Tadd Jenkins car. Some students have their own opinion about the school not making the goal toward one thousand tickets.

Student Benny Wolfchild (11) answered before the announcement and said “no, there won’t be enough tickets sold.” And fellow student Atreawna Davis (11) answered after and said “I was disappointed about the sell and I knew we werent going to sell any tickets.”

Most of the students did not sell any tickets for the Tadd Jenkins car. So there will be no hour lunch for Friday because we did not meet our goal amount of tickets for the the school to be allowed a hour lunch.


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One Thousand Tickets