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Kaitlyn Jensen

Kaitlyn Jensen, Editor-in-Chief

Kaitlyn Jensen is a senior, in her last year of newspaper for Blackfoot High school. Jensen has been in newspaper for four years.

Living in Blackfoot, Idaho Kaitlyn has passions for what she wants to do with her future. One of her biggest passions are humanitarian work. She is planning on going to BYI or Utah State for college.

For a career choice she is deciding between an elementary teacher or an occupational therapist. The reason why she chose those careers is because she likes working with people. Also to have an influence on them.

The subject Jensen enjoys most is English. She becomes very passionate into her writing. Her favorite quote is “You’re stronger than you think you are, you can do more than you think you can.” Kaitlyn is very athletic and is part of the schools cross country team and track team.

Kaitlyn’s hobbies are running and reading. She has always had a love for running. Jensen’s biggest supporter is her father. Kaitlyn’s said “her father is her biggest supporter because he listens to her, and helps her improve and pushes her to do more.”

The thing she is proud of is saving enough money to go to New York with the newspaper staff. And making varsity to the cross country team. Kaitlyn says the most thing she regrets is “not being more vocal or just being too shy.”

Kaitlyn’s favorite movie is the 2011 film Soul Surfer and her favorite song is What about us by the artist Pink. Also her favorite holiday is Christmas because she likes giving presents to people and getting to help people. Purple is her favorite color because to her purple means strength and is a quiet color.

Kaitlyn Jensen is truly a unique and  helpful person to everyone. Kaitlyn has a true passion in her writing which really helps out the newspaper team at Blackfoot High school. And has really helped out the newspaper staff to start the year off.


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Kaitlyn Jensen