Sister Murray

Layla Buckskin, Staff Reporter

Tadraschell “Sister” Murray is a newly positioned Indian educator here at Blackfoot High School. She carries the blood of various tribes including Shoshone-Bannock (where she is enrolled), Gros-Ventre, and Assinaboine. Her favorite quote is “Never look down on anyone unless you’re helping them get up”. She is currently in the process of finishing school at Idaho State University majoring in Family Consumer Science and Secondary Education. Some of her favorite subjects in school were team sports and astronomy. Outside of school, she enjoys watching sports games but mostly basketball. Before she came to teach at Blackfoot High School, she was working in Fort Hall, Idaho, where she was born and raised, at the Early Childhood program working with new-timer Native American students, Recreation at Timbee Hall gymnasium working with youth as well as advising basketball and softball tournaments, and Fort Hall Elementary. There, she created special bonds with the people of Fort Hall. 

Sister has always been an amazing educator inside and outside of school. She along with Merle Smith are the only Indian educators here at the high school. Students from around the surrounding areas often turn to her because she is always willing to listen and is very patient with everyone who comes in contact with her. Students consider Sister very trustworthy and a strong and resilient individual. Regardless of any circumstance, she has always put others before herself. Sister has always carried love and respect for herself and most definitely others. Her favorite thing about the high school is the students which isn’t surprising at all, she’s very much a people person.

Tadrashell “Sister” to me, Layla Buckskin, is an amazing role model. She has always had a huge impact on me as well as other Fort Hall youth. She is someone who we hold close to our hearts considering she is always pushing us Native American kids to do better whether it be in school, sports, etc. We, the students, are very fortunate to have her here at the high school this 2021 school year.