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Samantha Pack

Samantha Pack, Features Editor

Samantha Pack: “Just do it, even if it makes you feel scared. (Fern Sarmiento)”


Samantha Pack, better known as Sammie, is “smart, creative, and bubbly” (her words). Pack is a Senior in high school this year and is starting her first year in Newspaper. Her reason for joining the Newspaper class was to “[let] other’s voices be heard” and her favorite part about Newspaper is the idea that she will be able to interview and interact with others and learn their stories. Aside from Newspaper, Pack has other classes that she really enjoys. She particularly likes Dietz’s Dual Enrollment English class because of the way he teaches. When asked why she liked Dietz so much, Pack said, “He’s the one that popped my bubble of comfort and security and what I know. [He] pretty much ruined my life.” English is not Pack’s favorite subject in school, however. Pack says she much prefers science because of its ability to combine both math and how we know what we know.


“I like school, but I also like to be with my friends as well as learning, a lot. [Sometimes it’s] random crap and sometimes it’s not-so-random crap,” Pack responded on the topic of being in high school.  On the subject of plans for after high school, Pack says that she is currently conflicted but looking for opportunities where she can, “There’s a whole bunch of options. I could be anything from a dance teacher to a psychologist!” 


Pack said that she has many hobbies, including dance. Dance, though, has become more than a hobby for Pack. She has enjoyed it and it has become one of her favorite things to do, aside from all of the reading she does in her spare time. Pack named her dance teacher as her role model. “She’s gotten so much done in her life,” Pack stated. Pack has been trying to live like her dance teacher, as she is kind to all and has done much with her life. Another influence in Pack’s life is her family. When asked to describe her family, Pack said, “They’re chill with a side of crazy.” Pack has four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. She is the fourth oldest out of five. Pack also has a Yorkie-Dachshund puppy named Sophie.


Some other fun facts about Samantha Pack include that if she were a chair she would be “that chair that looks comfortable…. Then when you sit in it, you realize it’s not comfortable and you get up and go [do] something else”; Pack’s least favorite color is orange, she likes any music that she can dance to, her favorite number is 25, she absolutely loves to eat turkey with swiss and avocado on any type of bread, she enjoys watching mysteries and biographies wherever she can find them, and loves to curl up with a good romance book whenever she just wants to not pay attention. Pack’s favorite candy is an Almond Joy, her favorite foods are hamburgers and beef stroganoff, and her current favorite Disney+ show is Good Luck, Charlie because it reminds her of her family.


Pack’s favorite quote is, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. (Henry Ford)”


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Samantha Pack