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Kelsey Griffin, Features Editor

“You don’t find the happy life, you make it.” by Thomas S. Manson. This is a quote that Kelsey Griffin lives by. Kelsey is a junior this year at Blackfoot High School and is super excited to be part of the newspaper staff again.This will be her second year writing for The BroncWriter. 

Griffin joined newspaper because she loves writing and is very interested in the news. Her favorite subject in school is English. Griffin says after high school she wants to attend college for a year at BYU and then go on a mission. After her mission she would then finish college. She wants to go into the medical field and, someday, later on, start a family of her own. 

She said if she could live anywhere, she would pick to live in California, because she loves the beach. But for now she is living her best life in Blackfoot being the only girl, besides her mom in the family, along with her 6 brothers. Griffin said if she could travel anywhere she would love to go to Australia because it sounds super cool and her dad has also been there. 

When asked what brings her the most happiness in life, Griffin replied “spending time with my friends.”

Her hobbies include writing, playing volleyball, and reading. Her favorite book would be Leven Thumps. One person she looks up to would be Lindsey Stirling because, she dances while playing beautiful music on the violin.   

If Griffin was ever in the scenario of finding a lamp with a genie and being granted three wishes, she said she would wish for “money, a new car, and more money.” If Griffin was any animal she claims she would be a sloth, she said “they lay around and get to do what they want.” 

Overall Griffin is a fun, hard working character and is a great part of the BroncWriter Newspaper Staff.

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Kelsey Griffin