Javier Rodriguez

Kelsey Griffin, Features Editor

Javier Rodriguez is a junior foreign exchange student from Madrid which is the capital of Spain. In his free time, Rodriguez likes to listen to music and play sports. He likes to listen to electronic and rap music and he mostly plays indoor soccer where in Madrid his team were the champions. He has a family of eight with three brothers and two sisters. He enjoys Blackfoot because if you have a problem most people will help you.


To be a foreign exchange student he had to look up a company and give them all of his information and then a family from Idaho chose him. He was excited to come to Blackfoot because it’s so different here. He also loves the snowy and cold weather in Blackfoot. His least favorite part of Blackfoot is the train, especially at night. But he would still love to come back here. Rodriguez has also been to America six different times, mostly to visit family. He loves traveling and has been to New York, Washington D.C. San Francisco, parts of Costa Rica, and more.


Something cool about him is that he speaks five different languages; Spanish, English, Italian, French, and he studied a year of Chinese. When asked what the craziest thing he has ever done was he said, “I can’t tell you.”


His favorite food that he’s tried in Idaho are Chick-fil-a waffle fries and he loves Spanish food in general. His favorite dessert is chocolate. Three words he would use to describe himself are healthy, smart and lucky. Out of all the places hes been to Blackfoot has been one of his favorites.