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Tyler VanOrden
Tyler Burton VanOrden is an interesting person whose name used to be Amanda. This is due to the doctor misreading his first ultrasound. Tyler was born February 9, 2002 and is a senior this year. Tyler joined newspaper last year and he said that the reason he joined is to be given the ability to “share his stories and ideas with the rest of the student body”. Tyler's favorite color is lime green and his favorite number is 23. Tyler's favorite subject in school is math and he says that his favorite teacher is Alicia Bynum. She is his favorite teacher because he is able to joke around with her and because she is a family friend. 

Tyler says that the most unique thing about him is that he loves spiders, his favorite one being an Austracantha Minax. Tyler has played four instruments: trumpet, french horn, acoustic guitar, and the piano. Tyler says that his favorite to play, out of the four, is the french horn. 

After high school, Tyler says that he wants to go on a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and then go to an undergrad college, that of which he is still considering. For his graduate college he says that he either wants to go to Idaho State University or Utah State University and graduate with an MD in dental. The reason that Tyler wishes to study dental is because dentistry has always been something he’s been interested in. Tyler says that instead of being one of the people who’s afraid of going to the dentist, he’s always a little “too energetic” about it.

The weirdest thing that Tyler says he has eaten would be chocolate milk, applesauce, sweet potatoes, and cheese sticks all mushed together, “It was Elementary school, I was curious.” Tyler says. Tyler's favorite quote is, “If you have to prove something to someone you’re in the wrong place”. 

Tyler VanOrden, News Editor

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Tyler VanOrden