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Josh Hone, Staff Reporter

Josh Hone is a friendly character with fondness for reading. When asked to describe himself in five words he responded saying “I’m not good at following directions”. He has been going to BHS for about two years now and is a sophomore. His favorite part of high school is not having to take finals on finals week. His favorite things to participate in are creative writing and newspaper. The classes he enjoys most are English, History, Science, and many more as long as it's not Math. His hobbies include reading and writing. His favorite hobbits are Frodo and Sam. His birthday is November 6, 2004. Josh cant decide between  spaghetti and enchiladas for a favorite food. When he grows up he wants to be an author. The reason he has chosen this profession is because he has many stories to tell the world. He is creative and enjoys thinking of new ideas all the time. 

He is the oldest in a family of four. He has two younger brothers and one younger sister. He has one dog named Leia. She is a black mastador who enjoys laying around and getting scratches. Josh enjoys petting his dog, playing Minecraft, and movie nights. He plays airsoft with his friends. He plays well and strategies most rounds. He enjoys hanging out with friends on weekends.  He plays many games with his friends some of which include Secret Hitler, Dominion, and Bang. Josh also enjoys playing guitar in his spare time. His proudest moment is when he won regional history day all the way back in 2016. The favorite book of his is five kingdoms. Five kingdoms is a good book but he doesn’t expect for it to stay his favorite for long. Abraham Lincoln is his role model because he had a cause to fight for.


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Josh Hone