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Cesar Godinez, Staff Reporter

Cesar Godinez, is a sixteen year old Junior at Blackfoot High School (BHS). Not only that, but he is actually the Junior class president. He can often be seen driving his BMW 328i, listening to music, and talking to girls. He particularly enjoys “spitting games to older women”. Godinez's favorite music artist is either Frank Ocean or Travis Scott, because they’re good artists; he likes their production, and he also enjoys their subject matter. His favorite movie is Fury, directed by David Ayer, because, as he says, “it’s a really good war movie”. 

Godinez’s favorite color is green because “it’s money”. He enjoys collecting shoes and has over forty pairs. He can’t decide on his favorite because then “the others would be offended,” but his most expensive Off White 4’s Sails. Despite this, Godinez's favorite shoe brand is Jordan. His favorite movie actor is Brad Pitt because he stars in Fury, and Cesar loves the plot and action in this Top 10 movie choice. He doesn’t have a favorite holiday.

 If he could live anywhere in the world, Godinez would live in Florida because he says everything crazy happens in Florida. If he could change anything about this world, he would do away with war, and make world peace a thing. Godinez’s favorite class is history because he enjoys history, and because he likes learning about the past . Godinez's favorite place to visit is California because “it’s sick”.  His favorite thing to do there is party.

Godinez's favorite sport is wrestling because it’s interesting how the point system works and he enjoys watching it because it can come down to both strength and technique, and neither is guaranteed to win. He doesn't have a specific favorite sports team. Godinez's favorite teacher is Ms. Thompson because he has had her for a while, and she is “chill”, and she’s his advisory teacher . Godinez’s favorite video game console is PlayStation. His favorite game to play on it is The Last of Us because he likes the story of the campaign . 

Godinez’s favorite song is Biking by Frank Ocean.  He also likes Mamacita by Migos featuring Travis Scott. Godinez's dream college is MIT. Godinez's favorite restaurant is Raising Canes located in California.

All content by Cesar Godinez
Matthew Belliston

Matthew Belliston

January 5, 2022
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Cesar Godinez