Shoes this month with some other heat

Cesar Godinez, Staff Reporter

This month’s sneaker drops are very anticipated with some of the more hyped sneakers being the off white 2’s by most with some, like Will Karpstein (12), stating,” The only valid ones are the off white 2’s.” The reason I chose the people’s opinions is because they had some heat on their feet, so I had to snap a picture and get their thoughts on the sneakers. Some had different opinions than Karpstein, thinking there was more to offer, like Christopher Portillo stating,” I think I’m gonna try and cop the Bordeaux 1’s and the Sail Quilt blazers but I’m more excited for next month’s drop being the Travis Scott air max 1’s.” My thoughts on this month is there is something for everyone with all the colorways with more neutral colors being the Next Nature Summit White dunk high. Another pair of shoes with more vibrant colors could be the Nike dunk high Gundam collaboration which is a must cop with a major resale value. The only shoe that really matters this month that really matters is the next Off White Nike collaboration with the shoe design being based around the Air Jordan 2 with a nice red and white colorway with a crème insole and tag. If you’re chasing a shoe for profit this is the one you need.