Business Management Class Makes YouTube Video


Joshua Hone, Co-Editor in Chief

There are plenty of unorthodox assignments that teachers have assigned to their students at Blackfoot High School. From Mr. Dietz’s Utopia Project to Mr. Pettinger’s Genetics Lab, BHS has seen some odd things. Mr. Stephen Benson, one of the Business teachers, has another entry into the list: making a viral YouTube video. The students in Benson’s 2nd Hour Business Management Class have undertaken the task of trying to get YouTuber Mr. Beast’s attention, and to get him to purchase new keyboards for the classroom.

“Keyboards are the most Commonly Complained about Item in the classroom,” says Mr. Benson, “Students don’t like sticky keyboards. I do my best to keep them clean and keep them up to par, but they can be cumbersome to students and so forth, so it just seemed like an idea they would get behind.” 

And get behind it the students did. They each wrote out a script and storyboard, which were then voted on. The winning storyboard, written by Connor Gross and Caden Hendricks, was titled “A Keyboard Documentary to Mr. Beast,” and is now up on YouTube. 

Connor Gross (10th) and Caden Hendricks (10th), the writers and directors of the video


It’s a Documentary that is designed to try and get Mr. Beast to send us keyboards, because the ones we have for our class are trash,” says Gross, and Hendricks adds  “…the equipment we have to work with is really just not as optimal as it should be. There’s a lot of flaws in the equipment we use.”

Their goal is to get 2000 views by April 28, 2023. To reach this goal, they have started making posters, designing T-Shirts, and creating an Ad to place in Mr. Benson’s window, above the teacher parking lot, where it can be seen by everyone walking into the school. The video is available to view here. 

All that aside: there was one more question that we’ve all been asking: Why the pool floaty? Hendricks, laughing, was happy to give us an answer: “It’s just something that directors do nowadays. Well, probably something that they should do. It’s something that I do.”