BHS Diversity Club Builds Shed with the CTE Program

Alexis Bird, Staff Reporter

Blackfoot High School Diversity students and staff work together to build a shed for the CTE program with funding from Idaho Vocational Rehabilitation. Our staff and students can expand their knowledge outside of the classroom and raise money for the CTE program of BHS.
The students began this project on November 18th with a hands-on lesson on using a saw, followed by a class on the blade’s effects with accuracy. With the help of staff, the students have learned safety rules, been able to unload the materials for this shed, and learned some construction basics. Mr. Lance, James, Hayes, and Dalton have worked with the students to cut the wood and use other techniques accurately.
This CTE shed will be auctioned off once finished on March 17th, and the money will go to another shed project in the fall of 2023. The plan is for the program to build tiny homes eventually. With the help of funding, the students can gain experience and knowledge that can help with their future careers or hobby. Along with the knowledge gained, the staff and students have gained a better understanding of one another throughout this project.