Bingham Community Christmas Program

River Denny, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again; white snow on the ground, festively decorated houses, and the same Christmas music that will be playing for two months straight. Our spirits are higher than ever, and so is the Blackfoot High School Bronco Pride. This is truly the season of giving, and to honor our community, Blackfoot Student Council is once again hosting our annual Bingham Community Christmas Program. For those of you who might not know what exactly that is, let’s start from the beginning.

For over 30 years, Blackfoot has been bringing Christmas to those who have faced hard struggles and are in need of our help. The program was started by Judy Stoles and has been carried on by Jason Lish and Blackfoot’s Student Government for the past 22 years. The goal? Getting food on people’s plates and providing families with toys, hygienic products, clothing, and anything else that they’re in need of.

So how do they make it happen? Each year, BHS Stuco has gone out of their way to contact local businesses and collect donations from those who are happy to participate. Towards the end of the year, before our Christmas break, they auction off any goods donated in our Christmas Auction here at Blackfoot. It’s done this way to raise budget money for our gifts, this year, in particular, the goal is $15,000 dollars! As stated by Mr. Lish, “The reason our goal this year is so high is that, with the money we raise, the program we donate to is able to help 150, or 200 families in our community.” Why aim for the sky, when the stars are the limit?

You might’ve noticed a red cup in your fourth-hour class as well, and as you’ve probably guessed, those donations also contribute to our grand total. As an extra bribe this year,Mr. James has also agreed to cut his luscious locks if we can actually hit $15,000 dollars!

Raising funds isn’t the only thing School District #55 is gathering, however. In order for us to accommodate food, donation boxes have been set up in advisory classes to collect non-perishable food items. Gear-up had partnered up with the Student Council to bring 55 families, if not more, with a happy and fulfilling Christmas dinner. This holiday season, our contributions have the ability to go above and beyond standard goals. One of Mr. Lish’s favorite aspects of hosting the Bigham Community Christmas Program is that his students get to collect the change from our school’s food and money drive and see what a caring community we have.

The Bingham Community Christmas Program has brought together our community in many ways, from our beloved local businesses to our teachers and students. If you want a way to help support us further, please participate in Blackfoot’s Holiday auction on December 21st. Every cent made is used to support people during the Holiday season. Shout-out to the businesses that have gone above and beyond to make this all possible.

Thank you so much Idaho AgCredit ®, Blacker’s Complete Home Furniture, Geronimo’s! Trampoline Park, Butter Burr’s Restaurant, Idaho State University, White Glove, Tilden co., Mas Sol Tanning Salon, Power Lube Express Auto Care, Dutch Bros Coffee ™, Lava Hot Springs, The Hasselbring Team, Les Schwab Tires, Pretzel Maker ®, Bucked Up ®, Blackfoot Motor Sports, John Deere, Duck Donuts, Teton Shaves, Idaho Potato Museum, Pindale Lanes, Oh! Key Escape Games, Crumbl Cookies, Double M Ag & Irrigation, Los Gavilanes Mexican Grill, Bumble & Bleat Soapery and Sundry, Gear Up, Blackfoot Student Council, Mr. Jason Lish, and the students of Blackfoot High School.