Eli Gregory Signing


Kailynn Miller, Staff Reporter

Eli Gregory of Blackfoot High School (BHS) has just signed on with Utah State University (USU) to join their Cross Country team. Gregory says that USU was one of the colleges he wanted to go to after high school, but that feeling only came after he went to a camp there. Gregory says that he is “very excited” to go to USU, he says that he thinks it is going to be a lot of fun at USU. Other than participating in Cross Country, Gregory is going to either study Kinesiology, the scientific study of human body movement, or biology; he says that he is still not sure which one he wants to study. 

Gregory says that to get to this point and sign on with a college, he has prepared by “mostly, a lot of running”, but also trying his best to succeed and figure out the process. Gregory says that his advice to anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps would be to create goals, find a way to achieve them, stick with it, and work hard. Gregory has had a role model, Matthew Thomas, Gregory says that Thomas has always been there and helped him during both practices and races. 

Gregory is going to be a great asset to USU’s Cross Country team and will only continue to improve.