My Opinion on “In America: A lexicon of Fashion“

Angela Trejo, Staff Reporter


This year’s Met gala had a wide variety of fashion and celebrities including Billie Eilish, Addison Rae, and Lil Nas X. Usually the Met Gala is held on the first Monday in May but instead was held on Monday September 13, 2021 because of the restrictions from Covid-19. Many fans and social media platforms were excited to hear and see this year’s Met Gala.


What is the Met Gala Anyways? Usually when we think of this fundraiser we only think of  top celebrities wearing expensive, extravagant clothing and rocking the red carpet. According to Vogue it is an “annual fundraising gala celebrating the Costume Institute’s magnificent new exhibition on a changing theme.” 


As always it is being held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, this year’s theme was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” compared to the last Met Gala, 2 years ago, “Camp: Note on Fashion.”


Personally for me, as much as America has a wide variety of fashion, trends, and inspirations. It can be a hard theme to follow compared to “Camp” which had more freedom with what the celebrities could do but still stay in theme. Out of the 172 different looks, in my opinion, many did not follow the theme nor did they necessarily make sense with regards to the theme. 


I will be showing my top six favorites, five of my least favorites, and four looks that made a statement. Please keep in mind that these are just my opinion and you are entitled to your own. Let me know what you thought of this year’s Met Gala- the looks, the people, and what each look represented!