In Person School is Superior to Online School


Greyson Kohler, Staff Reporter

What’s so great about being in school? There are many things. School is a great place to learn, especially since that’s what it’s designed to be. School gives students opportunities to do things they wouldn’t normally be able to do online. Online classes may be convenient in the short run but lack so much that in person classes offer.

The first of many reasons to go to school is the friends you have there. School is a great place to be with friends during lunch and in classes. Not only can you enjoy the company of friends you already have, you can more easily connect with new people and forge new friendships that could potentially last a lifetime. All of those experiences would be lost online.

The second reason is that the teachers can help you. By doing school online, many things can get lost on people through the screen. If you are in school, lessons are easier to understand in person and the teachers can help when help is needed quicker and more efficiently. Communication may be more convenient online, but it is more difficult to help and get one on one help. You typically have to email a teacher a question, which they will get to when they get to it. This may leave some people’s questions unanswered.

The last reason for why in school classes are better than online classes is simply, the classes. In school gives you the means to take classes that you couldn’t online. Cabinet Making, Welding, and Autos are only a few of the classes that can only be done in school with regularity. You can’t do these types of classes online because you don’t typically have the resources available to you. Many people thrive in these types of classes and many people learn with hands on activities, these hands on classes are lost on Online classes.

Online classes definitely have perks but they also have many disadvantages. The missing opportunities with online classes can affect someone’s life. The decisions you make in school can help you decide future occupations. If someone can’t experience those things they may never choose the career they would have enjoyed more.


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