Online School is more beneficial than In Person School


Kailynn Miller, Editor In Chief

We have all experienced online school this past year, the year of 2020. We were all forced into this life of online school but many people question, is it actually better than being in school? My answer is yes, there are many more benefits to doing online schooling vs doing in person schooling. By doing online school you can set your own schedule, and by setting your own schedule it gives you more time to do things for yourself, such as focusing on your health. With being able to set your own schedule you have time to exercise and you can make your own healthy meals, rather than being stuck with whatever the school is giving out, going out to eat, or whatever you had to quickly pack for lunch. Also with setting your own schedule, you can take breaks when you need them. It is said that a person can only concentrate for twenty minutes at a time before needing a break. When you are in school you are not given a break in your fifty or more minute class periods. 

When doing school online you are also saving yourself from ridicule or judgement that you may have had with in person schooling. You are saving yourself from this judgement because you do not have to see anyone or talk to anyone. Online schooling you are not faced with bullying, peer pressure, or distractions. We all like to mess around with our friends during school but it is harming our education. 

When doing online schooling you can do your school work anywhere that has an internet connection. You can also make your birthday a holiday, rather than having to go to school when it is your birthday. Weather also does not affect your schooling, unless your internet goes out. Another thing that you can do when you are doing online schooling is you can work some of your classes even when you are sick, so that you do not fall behind in your classes.

Going off of falling behind, you can learn at your own pace when doing online schooling. You will not get left behind when doing online schooling and you will not get held back because you are not allowed to work ahead of everyone else. With online schooling, you can work at your own pace, even though there are still due dates that you have to abide by. With online schooling you also do not have extra homework to do later at night. You do your homework during your school day at the same time you are learning. You can also learn in the way that you do best, you do not have to appeal to the way everyone else learns and the way your teacher teaches. 


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