A day in the life of Jason Dietz

Erika Goodwin, Rookie Reporter

Jason Dietz is 6 foot 2 inches, has brown hair, green eyes, and is happily married. He is a father of six children.

 Dietz’s favorite color is forest green. His favorite movie genre is comedy; his favorite movie is What About Bob. Dietz’s favorite TV show is Dr. Who.

 When asked what his favorite part about high school was he asked, “As a student or a teacher?” As a student, not being in it but as a teacher, the raw intelligence and spunk of his students.

 When Dietz is not teaching, you’ll find him with his family either playing games or watching Netflix with his wife. He takes his wife on a date every Wednesday night. Some of his favorite things to do is to read, listen to music, play games, and be with his family. One thing that might surprise you to know about Deitz is that he likes young adult fiction.

 Deitz is currently pursuing his dream job of being a teacher at Blackfoot. When interviewing for this job, he was attracted by the diverse perspectives.

 When asked what his greatest strengths are, he answered, “The ability to love other people even if they are annoying, passionate, a good husband, most or all my kids say I am a good father, and I consider myself a critical thinker.”

 He believes that his weaknesses are anxiety, overthinking, and having an addictive personality but no addiction. When he finds something he likes, he is all in.

 Two things Dietz hates doing is having a panic attack and having to do anything with his hands. When asked to describe a big obstacle he has had to overcome, he answered, “Anxiety.” He overcame it by being reliant on God, pleading for help and receiving it; as well as some medication and a loving wife. Dietz’s role model is Jesus Christ because Jesus loves perfectly and defines himself by his ability to love.  

 Dietz is driven by love, passion and the innate goodness of his fellow humans. When asked if he could change one thing about anything, Dietz answered, “Yes, here. To be able to get teenager to think critically because I feel the teenager years are the most important and formative years in life.”

 His spirit animal is a hawk because he believes it combines everything good and bad he thinks of himself. A hawk is really good at parenting, providing, and protecting their young.

 If Dietz could go back in time and give himself advice, he would go to his teenage self. He would ask him to critically think about come crucial decisions he made incorrectly. Dietz is most curious about the human mind because it impacts everything and we know the least about it.

 When it comes to criticism and handling it, Dietz said, “It depends on who it is coming from. If it is someone who has enough understanding, I accept, revise and reply. If it isn’t someone with understanding, I let it fester, try to figure out if it is true and then throw it out.” He takes it very seriously.

 Jason Dietz is an amazing person with a great personality and ability to teach others. He is definitely someone to make friends with.