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Isaac Beck
The very humble Isaac Beck is in his senior year. Isaac decided to join Newspaper for all of the friends he has in it. Newspaper is just another activity that he does with his siblings. His favorite subject in school is chemistry with Mr. Munger.

After High School, Isaac wants to join the military as an officer. Currently, the branch he wants to join is the Army. His favorite food is Beef and Broccoli, strips of steaks put in a Thai sauce and then put on top of rice.

“Delicious and Amazing!” says Isaac.

Isaac has been to sixteen different countries in his life. A country he still wants to visit is Thailand, because of the food and culture. Isaac has lived in seventeen different homes.

When asked how Isaac feels about his siblings he responded, “I’m the best and most humble out of all of them.” Isaac is older than his sister, Breanna, by six minutes. Isaac’s role model is his dad, because his dad sets a good example of being a hard worker. His dad was also part of the military.

Isaac enjoys both board games and video games. His favorite board game is Risk, because of the strategy and the chance. He enjoys the realistic feel of the game as well. Isaac’s favorite video game is Skyrim. He loves this game because he feels that he can be immersed in the game and that his character is the way he wants it to be.


Isaac Beck, Staff Reporter

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Isaac Beck